The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Headrest Dog Bed XL Grey Plush 46×28, Memory Foam, Pain Relief for Arthritis, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia, Post Surgery, Lameness, Supportive, Calming, Waterproof Washable Cover

10 reviews
Brand The Dog’s Balls
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Special Feature Removable Cover
Material Polyester
Product Dimensions 46″L x 28″W x 6″Th
  • XL Grey Plush 46” x 28” x 6” (+3.5″ Headrest) waterproof orthopedic headrest dog bed. Solid 2” high density, orthopedic memory foam over a solid 4” base of high stability support foam with covers designed so that your bed fits your home decor seamlessly and your dog can stay close to your family
  • A prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint conditions, ensuring your dog’s joints remain mobile into their senior years, improving their quality of life and keeping your dog healthy and active for longer
  • Therapeutic bed designed to provide relief and comfort to tripawds, dogs with joint conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, patella luxation, osteochondritis and other conditions such as torn cruciate ligaments so they can get the rest they need. Prevents elbow calluses as well as pressure sores due to immobility during illness or post-surgery
  • The Dog’s Bed orthopedic headrest was designed to keep your best friend’s joints young for longer. The Dog’s Bed orthopedic headrest is proven to restore the mobility and vitality of dogs, as well as helping them to sleep more soundly
  • Bed comes with removable covers that are easy to wash, quick-drying and include a waterproof mattress protector to catch accidents associated with incontinence


Product Description

WE LOVE DOGS. Our mission: to produce beds that pass our Quality of Life Test: beds contributing to your dog’s health, happiness and wellbeing, that help your dog to live its best life. Our design keeps your dog’s joints young for longer. Pet guardians credit The Dog’s Bed orthopedic with restoring their dog’s mobility, vitality and helping them to sleep soundly. Dogs are family: our bed structure approximates the structure and support of a human orthopedic mattress. Our heat-sensitive mattress supports your dog’s skeletal system, its correct alignment and protects their delicate joints. Quality is the keystone of our brand. To meet our high-quality standards and yours, we use high-grade materials to produce our bed. Quality is verified by 2 international 3rd-party companies, experts in inspection, testing, verification and certification with all dog sizes and dogs with conditions such as hip- and elbow dysplasia & patella luxation ensure that our bed enhances dogs’ lives. With rigorous quality controls we ensure that our bed is of the highest quality and is delivered to you in perfect condition. The Dog’s Bed orthopedic is for young dogs too. Getting your dog our bed early on is an excellent preventative measure to keep their joints youthful for longer. Many breeds are predisposed to conditions such as arthritis making their senior years painful. This immobility leads to isolation and a breakdown of the human-dog bond. The Dog’s Bed orthopedic has been designed to be long-lasting. Your dog will be able to keep this bed for a long time, so we produce replacement covers at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole bed. Easy-clean vs plush/fur covers? The easy-clean cover is for dogs who shed/drool or recovering from surgery and is easy to vacuum/wipe clean. The plush/fur cover is like a soft blanket.

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10 reviews for The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Headrest Dog Bed XL Grey Plush 46×28, Memory Foam, Pain Relief for Arthritis, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia, Post Surgery, Lameness, Supportive, Calming, Waterproof Washable Cover

  1. Cheeba

    I got this bed as a replacement for a previous memory foam bed. This one by far is superior quality. It’s much thicker and my dog seems to really enjoy the pillow to rest against. I got the XL and my dog is a 60 lb American Bully. I wash his laundry weekly and the cover of this is incredibly easy to take off and put back on. I do recommend this bed for any dog, especially older dogs. I will update this review if something is to fail.

  2. Eina castle

    I’ve had this bed for a year now. I have slept on it with multiple dogs. My family members have also slept on it when we take it with us on air b&bs. My bf and I have slept on it together including. Great bed for movie nights in the living room or drive in movies in the back of the trucks bed. I myself had to sleep on it for 4 month since my grandparents were visiting us. Wet dogs have played ontop of it multiple times I simply take the cover off and wash it. Great bed for camping too. I’ve taking this bed to the great sand of dunes on a small road trip with my cousin and sister laying on the back of the truck bed with this bed which covers the whole truck bed almost. We only wanted to take one car so we took the truck and everyone else laid out in the bed. Most comfiest ride in the back of a truck. We even got it covered in sand and dirt and lots of water but with a simple wash got the work done. I board multiple dogs every weekend therefore this bed is perfect for multiple dogs to be on it. Even let’s me sleep with them since I don’t like dogs on my bed. Overall great investment. Recommend the biggest size if you’re adventurous like I am.

  3. Tony

    Size is perfect large dogs, and is really comfortable for them. They really don’t sleep anywhere else.

  4. M. G. Williams

    I like the look of this bed and the linen cover works well for a long haired shedding German shepherd. The large size just isn’t big enough. Also the waterproof cover made so much noise that I removed it immediately. It took at least a month before either of my dogs would get on it and then not until I moved it to another location. An expensive bed for the size.

  5. babyju

    Just got it delivered tonight, I had to lay on it to allure my elderly German shepherd to come join me. I can testify that the bed is very comfortable, very cushiony yet firm. I’m sure it’ll be great for my shepherd who has hip and hind leg issue.

  6. Karen Sigmon

    Our 85 lb Boxer loves this bed. It is large enough for him to sprawl out on. We have had this for for several years now and it is still in the same condition when we received it. We have had to replace dog beds fairly often because they are hard to keep clean and just wear out and sort of deflate. In the long run this has been a better value. This bed is easy to keep clean; love the water proof cover. We throw a fleece blanket on top. It has not begun to flatten one bit. We cycled through futons, roll-up, and blow up mattress for the grandchildren. None of which equaled the quality of this dog bed. So we ordered one for the Grandchildren to sleep on when they visit. Just a good decent mattress and cover with an excellent selection of sizes.

  7. Dianne Sorrell

    ***Update*** I was thrilled to be able to order a spare cover yesterday that is made specifically to fit this bed! That changes my rating to 5 stars for this very comfortable, durable orthopedic bed. My dog loves it.***This is a fairly expensive bed that should have a replacement cover that fits made available through Amazon. I ordered the spare cover recommended as an add-on purchase, but it turns out to be made for the flat bed, not this one with the bolster at one end. I can squeeze the bed into it, so I’ll use it until next month when I can afford to replace it, if I can find a similar cover that’s roomy enough. Two stars off what should be, otherwise, a five star bed. *All* dog beds need to have spare covers.

  8. Tod

    Bought two of these beds, and two of another brand less than a year ago. These beds have continued to wear terribly, holes formed in numerous areas, material thinned, shape distorted and it’s virtually impossible to clean these unless you’re ok with dog hair staying in fabric. Our other two beds are awesome, not an issue one and they wash up great while holding their shape. Assumed within a year we’d get great customer service to resolve the cover issues. At first they seemed to say they’d ship new covers, but then got a snarky email stating dogs our pack animals and dog and scratch and that is the issue. Our dogs our couch potatoes and we’ve never seen them dig not once, plus if that was the case our other beds would have issues too. Very disappointed that the rep dismissed us despite only a year old, telling us there are covers for sale online.I would not recommend these beds or this store if you care about quality and getting what you pay for; not to mention good caring customer service.

  9. Sophie

    Supportive and thick, worth the money
    Update: the grey plush cover isn’t the best choice for dogs who shed a lot of hair. It really does cling onto the hairs and even tumble drying (be aware that it is labelled as not to be tumbled dried! If you dry for too long it shrinks- which is why they say not to tumble it) doesn’t remove the hairs. Best bet is to shake out as much as you can it sticky roll it. Would advise one of the other types of covers for big shedders. Would really love a more attractive cover for this bed instead of grey.We’ve just moved into a new house with a very hard (and rather ugly) flagstone floor. The dog’s normal folded over single duvet wasn’t cutting it and he was getting sore elbows. He is a 9 year old German Shepherd, 45-50kg and 110cm from nose to butt. I wanted to get him the XXL but was vetoed and we got the XL in the end.The bed does come squashed up and it takes a few hours to expand properly. It filled the cover really well. I can only imagine that those who posted negative comments didn’t realise that the mattress hadn’t expanded yet as it does fill out to be very thick and supportive. I chose the soft cover because I thought it would look nicer than the waterproof. It’s just as it looks in the pictures. Haven’t washed it yet but presume it will wash and dry fine.The bed is the right size- he’s a really big dog and unless you have something like a Great Dane or St Bernard the XL would be fine for most large breed dogs.It’s very firm and supportive. You can see on the pics I’ve attached that even as a big heavy dog the mattress is supporting him really well.Overall I’m really pleased with the bed, the dog loves it and the cat will be on it as well within a week I imagine!I was hesitant about spending so much on a dog bed without seeing it but needn’t have been. It is the best quality dog bed I’ve seen and whilst it’s a lot of money I know that my dog is comfortable and his old bones are well supported and off the cold hard floor.My only request would be for more choices in soft covers. I would love some other colours or maybe some stylish patterns like thin pale pinstripes or little stars.

  10. Robert smith

    Amazing and worth the expense
    This is brilliant, like all dog owners I love my dog with every breath, she is a French mastiff and at 8 years old still charging around with the jack Russell by day but at night she limps around a little and gets stiff, I was hesitant to spend that sort of money on a bed that I couldn’t see first hand but it was very worth the money, i left it 24 hrs just so I knew it was fully expanded and the pillow part plumped up lovely just like the mattress part, we’ve washed it 3 times now and putting the cover back on is as easy as taking it off, I’ve always struggled with putting covers back on the beds in the past so was nervous removing it for the first wash, it genuinely suprised me the ease of zipping it back up, my dog loves it that much she has left me feeling lonely on the sofa now, well worth the money if you’re wanting to give your dog something extra in the later years of their lives

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