Tetra AquaSafe Plus 16.9 Ounces, aquarium Water Conditioner And Dechlorinator (16213)

10 reviews
SKU: B0002563JA
Brand Tetra
Liquid Volume 5 Liters
Item Weight 1.35 Pounds
Item Form Liquid
Target Species Fish
  • CONDITIONS aquarium WATER: Essential care formula protects fish and reduces stress.
  • MAKES TAP WATER SAFE: Monthly treatment with partial water changes removes harmful chlorine.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Works quickly to make tap water safe for fish.
  • ESSENTIAL WATER CARE: Use when setting up a new aquarium, with monthly partial water changes or evaporation replacement.
  • USAGE: Add 2 teaspoons for every 10 gallons of aquarium water.
  • Packaging may vary


Product Description

Product Description

Tetra AquaSafe Plus works instantly to make tap water safe for fish in freshwater and marine aquariums. This BioExtract formula contains natural biopolymers to support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water. These added ingredients help reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed. Tetra AquaSafe Plus provides a slime coating to help wounds heal and protect fish from abrasions. Unique colloid ingredients protect your fish’s delicate gills and membranes. Use with freshwater or marine fish. Add 1 teaspoon (5 mL) for every 10 gallons of aquarium water. Top of bottle cap can be used for measuring – fill to inner ring-line to treat 10 gallons or use one full capful for 20 gallons. Make sure that replacement water is the same temperature as water in aquarium. Tetra AquaSafe Plus is not a medication and is not intended to be a substitute for any medication. Since 1951, Tetra has developed the world’s most comprehensive body of fish food knowledge, and fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the brand for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor.



All-in-One Formula Keeps Water Safe:

AquaSafe PLUS Water Carer is an all-in-one formula that works to keep your aquarium water safe and healthy for your fish. This easy-to-use conditioner detoxifies harmful ammonia in tap water, neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, and features stress reducing slime.

How it Works:

Tap water and well water contain dangerous substances like chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals that must be neutralized for the health and safety of your fish. AquaSafe PLUS works to create a safe environment and maintain optimum balance between water changes by neutralizing chloramine and turning chlorine into harmless salt. AquaSafe PLUS also binds to heavy metals to create a large, safe molecule that can be physically removed by your filter.

New Vitamin and Mineral Blend:

AquaSafe PLUS features a unique blend of beneficial minerals that are normally lacking in typical tap water. These included vitamins and minerals work to increase the vitality, breeding behavior and activity of your fish.

Proprietary Advanced Biopolymer:

Proprietary, advanced biopolymers produced by living organisms such as kelp are included in AquaSafe PLUS to support beneficial bacteria necessary for healthy and clear aquarium water. These added ingredients do not pollute water, but work to reduce pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed.

Tetra Sets the Bar high in Water Care and Maintenance Treatments

Tetra sets the bar high in water care treatment and maintenance with a four-step, color-coded system. From aquarium start-up and routine maintenance, to trouble shooting solutions and testing, Tetra offers everything you need to keep your aquarium water healthy. Take a look at the chart below to see the full line of Tetra water care treatments. New Aquarium? Tetra SafeStart allows you to safely add fish to your tank immediately. Use AquaSafe whenever adding water to neutralize chlorine and heavy metals. Use EasyBalance weekly to keep your water chemistry balanced. High ammonia? Use AmmoniaSafe liquid or tablets. Cloudy water? Clear it up with WaterClarifier liquid or tablets. Algae issues? Keep in check with AlgaeControl liquid or No More Algae tablets. Tetra EasyStrips make regular water testing a breeze.

From the manufacturer

Tetra AquaSafe Plus

AquaSafe Plus BioExtract formula contains seaweed extracts (biopolymers), which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water. The added ingredients help to reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed. As always, Tetra AquaSafe Plus water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish. Works in seconds to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals present in tap water that can be harmful to fish.


AquaSafe Plus should be used when setting up a new aquarium and with every partial water change or evaporation replacement. Shake well before using. Add one teaspoon (5ml) for every 10 gallons (38 liters) of water. Each raised mark on side of bottle equals 10ml. Make sure that replacement water is the same temperature as water in aquarium.

Tetra Makes Aquarium Care Easy

AquaSafe Plus water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish.
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Introducing the My Aquarium App

The Tetra My Aquarium app provides solutions for great aquarium water care, sends timely reminders for maintenance activities, while helping you manage your water care products, food and equipment inventory. When your water quality demands action, the app determines how much water to change, identifies which of the products in your inventory will be needed for dosing, and calculates how much of that product is needed for treatment.

Important information


Principal Ingredients: Sodium Hydroxymethane Sulfinate, Polyvinyl Pyrollidones, Organic Hydrocolloids, Organic Chelating Compounds. This Product Is Not A Medication And Is Not Intended To Be A Substitute For Any Medication. 16.9 Oz Bottle
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10 reviews for Tetra AquaSafe Plus 16.9 Ounces, aquarium Water Conditioner And Dechlorinator (16213)

  1. Morgan

    I recently purchased Tetra AquaSafe Plus, the 8.45-ounce version, and I must say it has been a fantastic addition to my aquarium maintenance routine. Here’s why I find it so good:1. **Effective Dechlorination**: Tetra AquaSafe Plus does an excellent job of removing chlorine and chloramines from tap water. It’s crucial for the health of aquarium fish because these chemicals can be harmful to them. With AquaSafe Plus, I’m confident that the water in my aquarium is safe for my fish.2. **Complete Water Conditioner**: This product not only removes harmful chemicals but also contains added ingredients that promote the overall well-being of my aquatic pets. It includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, and protective colloids that help reduce stress and support fish health.3. **Easy to Use**: The dosing cap makes it incredibly easy to measure the correct amount of AquaSafe Plus for my aquarium. It’s a simple process, which is especially handy for those new to fish keeping.4. **Minimizes Stress**: Aquarium fish can get stressed during water changes or when introduced to a new tank. The additional ingredients in AquaSafe Plus help reduce this stress, which is crucial for the health and longevity of fish.5. **No Foul Odors or Residues**: I appreciate that this water conditioner doesn’t leave any foul odors or residues in the aquarium. The water remains crystal clear and odorless, which enhances the overall aesthetics of the tank.6. **Cost-Effective**: The 8.45-ounce bottle offers a good value for the price. A little goes a long way, so one bottle lasts quite a while, making it a cost-effective choice for maintaining a healthy aquarium.7. **Trusted Brand**: Tetra is a well-known and trusted brand in the aquarium hobby, known for producing quality products. I have confidence in their expertise when it comes to aquarium care.In summary, Tetra AquaSafe Plus, the 8.45-ounce version, has proven to be a reliable and effective aquarium water conditioner and dechlorinator. It not only ensures the removal of harmful chemicals but also supports fish health and minimizes stress. I highly recommend it to both beginner and experienced aquarists for maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium environment for their fish.

  2. hjh

    I have tried a few different brands in my seven years of being an aquarium enthusiast. This has multi functions but my main concern is my water gets so cloudy when I wait too long to change my filters. The water just wont get clear using just the filter system. I dont have chlorinated water because I have a well and the PH of my water is always dead on 7%. So cloudiness is usually my only issue. Unless algae starts to form. which is a rare occurrence. But add this stuff and its almost instant clarity. It dont take it long at al. It works really good especially for the price.

  3. Gil

    Great bargain and gets the job done

  4. sue

    I have a pond in my back yard. I use this product to condition the water and dechlorinate it. I found this on Amazon and I could not believe how much less it was than the pet stores where I have been buying it. You get 2 large bottles in the order.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Large and useful

  6. Rob Adams

    Works instantly as I’m testing daily on a cycling tank and have had zero chlorine. Great product!

  7. P. Cuba

    I swim in a chlorinated pool three times a week and it prolongs the life of my suits.

  8. Tiffany Taylor-rheem

    Works great in our fishes tank. Clears rather fast. Product arrived fast. Easy to use.

  9. Pam Scd

    Mis peces y ajolote lo aprueban.
    Entre los acondicionadores para pecera que he usado, Tetra es de los que más me ha gustado, veo que le sienta muy bien a mis peces y a mi ajolote. Es caro, sí, pero vale la pena.

  10. Brett hillyer

    Good value for the mkney
    Would buy again

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