Smoothedo-Pets Aquarium Bubbler Decorations Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium Air Stone Decor Easter Island Moai Statues (Grey-Moai-Air-Stone)

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  • Size as Picture Show and Annotation.Tall as 4inch. Package come only Statues,No Tube Incidental.
  • The product uses gypsum/polyethylene/plastic/environment-friendly pigment with stable properties. Under normal circumstances, there will be no discoloration.
  • Because it’s a brand new product and is shipped sealed in small boxes. So there will be a slight smell. Thanks for your understanding. After washing and ventilating with warm water, the smell will disappear in a short time ,Compressed and curled up the leaves will stretch out.
  • Due to the particularity of the goods, they may be damaged in transit. If you receive damaged goods, please contact us and we guarantee a full refund or replacement.
  • We also have other kinds of aquarium decoration products for sale.Like artificial water plants of various colors and sizes,Artificial stone rockery and artificial driftwood.


Product Description

Small Tank Decor Reptiles Plants Driftwood

Smoothedo Pets Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium Decor Ornaments Betta Leaf pad Hammock 6inch Plastic Artificial Plant Goldfish Fish Hides Small Tank Reptiles Plants Driftwood

Small Tank Decor Reptiles Plants Driftwood

Especially suitable for small fish tanks 9
Betta Leaf Driftwood 2
Especially suitable for small fish tanks 8
A lifelike appearance
Small fish Shelter
Home table living room decor

Betta Fish Tank Decor Rest Leaf Hiding

Betta Leaf Driftwood 4
Betta Leaf Driftwood 3
Betta Leaf Driftwood 1
High end simulation leaves
A textured resin base
Fit small fish tanks

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10 reviews for Smoothedo-Pets Aquarium Bubbler Decorations Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium Air Stone Decor Easter Island Moai Statues (Grey-Moai-Air-Stone)

  1. John Burnette

    Smaller than what I thought but it works well and looks nice . Would recommend

  2. Mardie

    Perfect size and looks great.

  3. april

    This little bubblier is absolutely adorable. I have it in a 10 gallon tank with other decor. It makes a large amount of bubbles which my betta didn’t like so I hooked it to a valve that let me adjust the amount of bubbles. It’s made of a resin or hard plastic exactly like the decor I bought from petco. Overall I’ts very cute and sturdy. Could be a center piece for a smaller tank. I put it in a 3 gallon tank first and it looked much bigger.

  4. Dawn

    Nothing better than a touch of whimsey and a nod to the mysteries of ancient life and religions in the form of the moai stone carvings where the originals are found near Chili on Easter Island. Seeing them everyday in the fish aquarium, motivated me to do some research about the real carvings. An interesting artifact and conversation starter.Physically I wished this bubbler was larger, but it is realistically carved and the finish looks like stone. The three holed bubbler creates a lovely bubble design that is gentle enough that my goldfish enjoys swimming through it. And it helps keep the water moving and oxygenated and clear. Of course you need to buy a bubbler motor and tubing separately for the bubbler to work. The greenery (one tiny bush) is underwhelming.Overall it adds a sense of timelessness to the aquarium-scape which is calming and pleasant. I added it to a 30 gallon aquarium and it looks a little small, but even at that, I love it. It would be perfect for a 10 gallon aquarium or even smaller. It has my goldfish’s seal of approval, too.

  5. johnny clemons

    It’s a very nice decorative piece that look very good in my fish aquarium…It blows good bubbles for my tank. Will look forward to purchasing it again if this one goes out

  6. Shao

    In short; its Tiny, sharp on the edges, blows heavy bubbles, the glue around the air stone inside it sheds!! overall 7/10

  7. Kailey

    Produces great bubbles throughout the whole piece instead of just one side and looks great. Color was a little more of a dark brown than the picture but in my opinion it looks better like that and more natural. Very happy with this

  8. HCD

    This is a really nice looking small addition to a fish tank. It worked great when we first got it, but after a week or two, the bubbles stopped flowing through one hole, then the next, leaving only one of the three holes flowing slowly. We thought maybe this was just a bad one, and we liked it a lot. So, we purchased another to test it out. I am very disappointed to say the exact same thing is happening. Everything flowed well through all three openings. Now, after a few weeks, no bubbles are coming out of one opening, a big bubble every 15 to 20 seconds comes from the middle hole, and a lighter stream of bubbles comes from the last opening. Very disappointing. We have checked the pump, tubing, etc. Everything else is fine and works if we hook it up to a different bubbler we purchased. If you want this just for a cool looking addition to your tank, it’s great. If you want streaming bubbles from all three openings, you may be disappointed.

  9. paul

    Very nice in tank
    No issues works great and looks great. Would look even better if it had say blue lights or red

  10. Momi


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