Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Large Soft Sided Pet Travel TSA Carrier 4 Sides Expandable Cat Collapsible Carrier with Removable Fleece Pad and Pockets for Cats Dogs and Small Animals

9 reviews
Color Grey & Blue
Product Dimensions 19.5″L x 12″W x 12″H
Target Audience Cat, Dog
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Metal, Steel
  • Please measure your pet before purchasing: 19.5″L x 12″W x 12″H(43.5″L x 32″W x 12″H after the 4 expandable soft sided).Max load of 20 lbs (9 kg). Fits Pets up to 19″Lx11″H x 11″H.
  • Easy to clean: for the cozy mat, it is detachable and machine-washed.For the pet carrier, just unzip it and easy to clean the inner and outer layers.
  • Pet-friendly design: We increased the top ventilated opening, which make it more convinient to put your cat dog in or out without getting hurt.To increase the stability of the carrier, we added steel strand into the frame. no defrmation and no sag. In addition to the topping way, it has 2 side entrances,easy to access.
  • Multifunctional Carrier: 2 front pockets + 1 sided mesh pocket,will help you to organize small accessies,Pet food,pet toy,container of treats,snacks,calming collars,Pads etc.4 way expansions providing more room for your pets to move around. The mesh extensions give your cat dog a better vision and airflow.
  • Easy to carry: The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and top handles for either way you’d like to carry them,or slide over luggage handle, or secure it in the car with seatbelt.


Product Description

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:We are sure that your pet will love our full-featured pet travel carrier.But if dont like it for any reason,you can return it freely and full refunded. Details of Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier: Fabric:Waterproof Cationic Oxford and High Density EVA board,it is non-toxic and odorless. Recommend Pets Weight: 20 lbs (about 9kg) Dimensions:19.5x12x12 inches (LxWxH) Color: Grey & Blue Zipper: metal slider,all zippers are anti-escape. storage pockets:2 front pockets+ 1 sided mesh pocket Name tag: put name in this tag for easy identificaiton to the vet Features: 1,top openning and 4 breathable soft-sided Extensions make it a good ventilation,and allow your pet to see outside much better.We increased the size of the top entry window for easier access. 2,Maskeyon pet carrier backpack has 3 entrances, easy to access. Unzip top entrance, pet can poke their head out 3,The mesh sides are strong! your cat dog will not be able to claw or chew her way out. 4,The fleece pad can be kept in place with velcro,and it would cover the 2 expanding foldouts, which makes your pet experience better 5,Non-slip bottom protector makes it safer when you put the carrier in a Smooth ground,such as under the airline seat 6,It’s collapsible, unzip the zippers and fold it down into a flat package for easy storage 7,The Maskeyon pet carrier is lightweight but sturdy.Your puppy will keep calm down in our firm-bottomed carrier 8.This soft sided pet carrier bag is good for going to the vet or the car, travel,airplane ect. 9,TSA AIRLINE APPROVED: Designed to comply with TSA and IATA requirements. 10.Designed with reflective tapes on both sides, the mesh pet carrier is visible at night , increase safety of your pet during night trip. Package Contains: 1 x Maskeyon Pet Carrier 1 x Removable Soft Pad 1 x Removable Shoulder Strap

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9 reviews for Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Large Soft Sided Pet Travel TSA Carrier 4 Sides Expandable Cat Collapsible Carrier with Removable Fleece Pad and Pockets for Cats Dogs and Small Animals

  1. Brett

    I am so happy with this product. I’ve never seen such a well-designed, well thought out bag. It has everything.I bought it for the expandability because my dog isn’t exactly “small” – she’s a 20 pound king Charles cavalier. But, I’m also loving the pockets, the tether to secure her in the crate so I can leave the door open, it’s padded, and it stores nearly flat so it takes up very little room.The visibility is wonderful and makes my dog feel a lot more secure since she can face either direction and see where we’re going. The top loading is really helpful because she doesn’t love going in through the side door, but once she’s inside, she’s fine and despite her size she was able to turn around with the bag in the unexpanded position. There are so many zippers that I can access her from nearly any angle.I have not tried this on an airplane yet, but now that I have it, I feel like I will – I have been reluctant to fly with her, not knowing if she would actually fit in an under the seat carrier.The bag feels sturdy, and I am able to carry her using the shoulder strap. Obviously, it hasn’t been long enough to know how it will hold up with repeated use but first impressions are amazing and I would definitely recommend it if you’re on the fence.

  2. Thai

    Please don’t judge, we had a short 2 hours flight direct home to visit family for the holiday and I wasn’t allowed to book a second seat on Allegiant and the other option was a further away airport and about 4x the price. That said, my two pom mixes are on the hefty side (they should be 8.5 and 13.5 lbs each) but we love eating so we’re a tad heavier. They’re siblings and even when not in a carrier or stroller, they like to be on each other so for them, this wasn’t an issue.Allegiant’s flight to and from FLL to ORF, window seat, is what we flew and this carrier does NOT fit under the seat. It’s a tad too long/wide and too tall. Not sure if the Siivton carrier I have would have fit under but I wanted the extra inch or two since I had two puppers in there. IDK how the other person smooshed theirs down but my bag’s edges wouldn’t bend and I’m not exactly a weakling lol. I was never stopped or questioned for measuring the bag, I think they just eyeballed it and most of the staff were too busy awwing over the pups. Only one flight attendant read out the rules to me (which I was aware) and asked what seat I was in bc the window seat had smaller space she said. I told her our first flight I made it work ok. So if you can see the pics, I have no legroom, but I was ok with it considering i’m short, it was only 2 hours, and still not as bad as the pups being in a bag together. Wouldn’t recommend this for someone taller who needs their legroom. But since this did not fit under the seat, I was able to expand the other long side for them to spread out a bit more too. It was just a little tricky to close back up.All in all though, I recommend this bag, it’s sturdy, lots of mesh openings and options for expansion. Two side storage pockets for their treats and leashes. And this bag slides/pops nicely into my HPZ travel lite stroller for quick getaway out of the bridge and gate if anyone else has a stroller like me. Once I get out of the way, I let the pups into their stroller and hang this carrier on the stroller handlebars.

  3. Alex

    This has been my first experience flying with a small pet – I have a terrier mix with a bit of dachshund, 17 lbs, about 21 in long so a bit on the long side for carriers. This carrier has worked great for us – so far we’ve been on 2 round trips, 8 total planes and usually 12-16 hrs of travel in a day, and the design of this carrier has relieved quite a bit of fatigue for my pup. Because he’s a little long to be comfortable in the zipped up size, it’s really nice while waiting in the airport to be able to unzip the mesh vents on each of the 4 sides and let him have room to stretch out and move around some. The carrier has to be fully zipped up on the plane to fit under the seat in front, but usually once we’re at cruising alt, I’ll unzip the sides to get some air flow going, and sometimes I can unzip the side facing me to give him some room too (don’t tell on me LOL). It gets really really warm under the seats so it’s great to have mesh available on all sides. I usually place the carrier longways, facing me, so it does stick out some toward my feet, but I’ve never had an issue with a flight attendant asking me to push it farther forward or anything. Maybe for a smaller pet the carrier could be compressed a bit to fit it sideways fully under the seat. It’s handy that there are entry points in the front and back as well as the top – I can lead him in from one side and let him out from the other rather than have him turn around/back out or lift him out. There is a clip with a little tether inside – I don’t keep that on most of the time because I’m concerned about him getting wrapped up in it, but if I’m letting him poke his head out the top a little, I’ll put it on just in case he tries to bolt (big airports are spooky to a little guy). The pockets on the side are big enough to fit some treats, collapsible water bowl, a roll of waste bags, the shoulder strap, his leash, and a couple granola bars, and it’s a tight squeeze but still doable. Speaking of the shoulder strap – gonna be honest, I never use this. Because of how it fastens (to the front and back of the bag), and because the bag is soft shell, it curves it up towards the two attachment points and doesn’t provide support in the center. This is really uncomfortable for a fella trying to lie down in the middle. I always use the handles, which have the same kind of effect in the other direction across the bag, but that’s okay because it just kind of “hugs” him and encourages him to stay lying down. Honestly I think the slight pressure helps calm him down. The downside of that though is you’re carrying the bag the whole time by hand, which gets heavy quickly because it’s kind of unwieldy. When I’m with him I usually estimate to double the amount of time it usually takes me to move through the airport – because I need to set the carrier down every so often, or switch hands, or set it down on the moving walkway and stand still where I’d normally keep walking (and I lift weights in my free time so it’s not just a matter of personal strength). The shoulder strap is nice though when I am using the carrier just as a bag; I like to keep his supplies in there to carry around when not flying, and treating it like a normal duffel bag works just fine. Highly recommend for anyone flying with a small pet.

  4. C. Remillard

    There isn’t enough space for a full grown cat to sit up, it’s not tall enough. There’s only enough room to lay down, and that too is tight if the side panels are up in travel mode. It is, however, a very convenient size for short trips to vet or local destinations, you can open the side flaps and the cat can lay down and spread out easily during a drive. With one panel open it’s good on a car seat, with both panels open it must be in the back (hopefully not a closed trunk). A short flight might be ok, but for a full grown cat there really isn’t enough room for longer trips.

  5. Honest feedback

    Too high!
    Very well made and attractive carrier…..BUT, it was too high to fit under aircraft seat.

  6. Natacha

    solide, confortable
    Nous avons deux chats (frere et soeur) de 9 et 13 livres. Nous avons acheté pour un déménagement avec 2h de route. Aucune plainte, ils avaient l’air très bien, si bien qu’au lieu de les ranger, nous leur avons laisser dans des coins de l’appartement et ils y vont chacun leur tour tous les jours et semblent apprécier le confort et la sécurité. le plus, plein d’options (1-2 portes, fermées ou non etc..). Dans la liste des bons achats pour nous.

  7. Julia

    Very versatile
    I have two 8lb cats who prefer to travel together so, with its 20lb weight limit, this is perfect. It’s well made and the fabric inside is soft and warm. I love the tent-like compartments that you can unzip. And my cats love it so much, they nap it in during the day! 4/5 stars because of the cost.

  8. Unona

    Good carrier
    My kitty loves it ! It’s on the soft side so it will have a droop but thats just perfect for airlines I would recommend this!

  9. Maja Urukalo

    It’s so good like it is on the photo. My cat already slept in it. Thank you so much

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