Jorewood Natural Coral Driftwood Driftwood for Aquarium Decor Rptile Fish Tank Decoration Assort Branch Driftwood 6-10″ 3 Pcs

8 reviews
Brand Jorewood
Color Red
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 12″D x 10″W x 9″H
  • NATURAL DRIFTWOOD – Each piece of driftwood has a distinctive shape and looks different from various angles. Each piecec is unique.the pictures shown are only some of the driftwoods, what you get may be different from pictures show.
  • SUITABLE FOR TANKS ABOVE 20 GALLONS – With a size of 6 inch-10 inch long or even larger, are carefully selected manually and suitable for tanks above 20 gallons. They can instantly adds natural beauty to your aquarium.
  • GREAT FOR AQUARIUMS ASND REPTILE TANK – It is suitable for aquariums decorated in simple styles. You can also use it to create moss trees in a fish tank. It can be used not only as aquarium decorations, but also as reptile decor.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE – High-quality drift wood, sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time under water or in drought environment. It is perfect decoration as well as an ideal choice for reptile to climb on, adding natural beauty to your aquariums or terrariums.
  • PRETREAT BEFORE USE – Natural driftwood contains tannins, which you must boil and soak for one or two week. Until the tannin is completely released, you can put it in the fish tank with complete confidence. Don’t worry about harming the fish.It can be used directly in reptile tanks.


Product Description


Product Description


Coral driftwood is a plant. Located at an altitude of 800-1500 meters. Produced in northern Myanmar, Vietnam. Widely used in the field of aquarium landscaping.

In terms of fish tank landscaping, the diverse postures of coral driftwood, branches, arches, patterns, hollows, and other characteristics required for landscaping can be found in it.

Natural driftwood adds natural beauty to aquariums.

Each piece of driftwood has a distinctive shape and looks different from various angles. Each piecec is unique.

Nocturnal fish,ghost shrimp and smaller fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding.

Pre processing is required before use

Yellow water phenomenon may occur, requiring boiling and soaking

In order to ensure better sinking effects of the driftwood, the driftwood had better be pretreated before being put into water.

  • 1: It is recommended to boil it for a long time.Boil or soak it for 3-4 hours. It is recommended to add soda you must boil it for at least 1 h. The color will get darkened as it will release tannins.
  • 2: Change the water and boil again (recommended 3 times, 1 hour each time) until the tannins get completely released
  • 3:Finally, soak in clean water for a week and change the water at least once a day. Once the driftwood is placed in the water and no longer turns yellow, it can be placed in fish tank for landscaping

Betta fish decoration driftwood

Natural coral trees have different shapes. The holes formed by the combination of various branches make perfect places for fish to play.

Shrimp habitat

Each piece of wood has holes of different sizes, making it convenient for shrimp to play. At the same time, this natural place is also a benefit for their reproduction.

Turtle back drying platform

Wood has a unique natural shape and can be placed arbitrarily. The high and protruding area can serve as a turtle’s back drying platform, and the wood that goes deep into the water can purify the water quality.
snake hide

Snake climb

If you are looking for a suitable habitat for your little snake, put this piece of wood inside and your little snake will be wrapped in an exceptionally beautiful way.

Beared dragon decoration

Exquisite polished coral wood, with a deep red color, can serve as a small bed for lizards, and its smooth texture will never harm your little pet.

Spider habitat

This wood has a unique shape and is placed in your little spider box. Not only do your little animals like to crawl around, but you will also watch them climb on top!

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8 reviews for Jorewood Natural Coral Driftwood Driftwood for Aquarium Decor Rptile Fish Tank Decoration Assort Branch Driftwood 6-10″ 3 Pcs

  1. Patrick Davis

    Arrived promptly packaged with care in person was exactly as described online 100% recommend

  2. Ig88

    No complaints. Quick delivery too.

  3. LYf

    I got the 3 pack of the 7-10 inch spiderwoods and they look amazing in my small aquarium.

  4. Emma

    I did get 7 instead of 8 but the customer service reps were quick to make this right for me. This is a much better deal than going to a pet store to get wood for aquariums/terrariums.I ordered these for my reptile tanks, and so far my egg eating snake loves climbing on his! They are a great addition to add enrichment.I boiled them in water for a little over an hour, I changed the water after about 40 minutes and it was pretty dark. I recommend doing this if it’s going to be with any living animal or aquatic habitat. If it will be submerged in water, I’d boil it longer and change the water several times otherwise the color will leech out into the habitat water. Since mine will be going into relatively dry environments one water change and over an hour boiling will be sufficient for my purposes.

  5. David Harris

     My fish like these, but my clown pleco LOVES them lol, so nice to have real driftwood. Rinse them off really well in a bucket before adding.

  6. Crystal

    Very unique pieces and all upward of 8!” Love it! And my fish adore them!

  7. T.L.

    Pieces came together wrapped in a little bubble wrap. I ordered 3 pieces. You can see the circular saw marks on the wood where it was cut, which wasn’t ideal. Beware it takes DAYS to boil out tannins from the wood. This driftwood will 100% turn your aquarium tea colored/brown if you do not boil over and over for 2+ days (even with a high end canister filter with carbon in it). After days of work the driftwood will look great in your aquarium, although I believe it to be more cost effective, and certainly easier to buy drift wood that has already been treated. There are also other types of driftwood that do not contain this level of tannins, therefore they will not release it in your aquarium water. Do some research on the best type of driftwood forsale before buying on Amazon.

  8. Beth H.

    Product was a nice substantial size. Love this piece.

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